About Us

Korean Wave, or Hallyu denotes the surge of love and passion for Korean Popular Culture around the world. Korean wave or Hallyu led to a boom of Korean culture such as Korean Dramas, Kpop, Korean cuisine, movies, skincare and beauty in the 1990s. Since early 1999, Hallyu has become one of the biggest cultural phenomena across Asia. The Hallyu effect has been tremendous, contributing to 0.2% of Korea’s GDP in 2004, amounting to approximately USD 1.87 billion. More recently in 2014, Hallyu had an estimated USD 11.6 billion boost on the Korean economy.

We are now bringing this wave to India! Korean Wave India aims to spread Korean Culture through K-pop in India. We believe in bringing fans 100% authentic goods straight from South Korea. 

We want to reach fans of K-Pop throughout the vast lands of India. Our main focus is on building a community for fans to share their infatuation for K-Pop and Korean Culture through our Fan Club, one of the first official K-Pop online communities in India. We also host events all over the country, where various fans can connect with each other. 

Korean Wave is finally here in India to sweep India off of its feet! 

Feel the wave, Korean wave!

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